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ECO-Tanks® Effluent Treatment Systems offer a highly efficient solution to houses situated in problematic areas. Designed for use in areas where conventional septic tanks are not up to the job, ECO-Tanks® are made to handle a wide range of effluent loads, from domestic houses to hotels.

As well as tank size itself, the internal workings of an ECO-Tank® are also designed to handle loads, which would otherwise cause problems in effluent treatment system. The unit contains a plastic bio-media. For every cubic metre of media, there is 200 square metres of growing area for the microorganisms.

Designed for use in situations where septic tanks are not acceptable, the ECO-Tanks® Effluent Treatment System has number of advantages

  • full treatment in one tank  
  • no need for primary tanks
  • capable of handling shock loading with ease
  • fibreglass composite construction
  • good failsafe protection
  • low operational costs
  • low maintenance
Single house system Large development
Single Tank Large Tank

Eco-Tanks® System suitable for:

  • single houses
  • large multi-house developments
  • hotels
  • guesthouses
  • caravan parks
  • industrial premises

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